The Strasbourg Conference on International Law & Human Rights

On 16 April, Silvana Koch-Mehrin gave a Keynote Address at “The Strasbourg Conference on International Law & Human Rights”, organised by the Inter Parliamentary Alliance for Human Rights and Global Peace. The Keynote concentrated on the topic “The protection of women’s rights – which role can and should female Parliamentarians play?”

The system of international law serves as one of the main mechanisms for the development and application of a functioning framework for a universal human rights system. Hopes for the effective functioning of such legal instruments at the international level are high; however the lack of universality in practice and the inherent difficulties of their implementation have highlighted the need for further constant legislation to assure the development and the implementation human rights globally.

Some of the major obstacles obstructing the implementation of such a global human rights system are the economic interests and inequalities of the world as well as the lack of legislation with regards to issues of youth and women’s rights, which permeates the international community. Any efforts at supporting universal human rights must therefore be accompanied by legislation that promotes sustainable development as well as the protection of the rights of youth and women, which together make up the majority of the world population.

The Strasburg Conference on International Law & Human Rights gathered a broad range of stakeholders to explore and analyze these issues and to formulate recommendations for joint strategies for immediate and future implementation.


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