MEP Awards

Once a year the “Parliament Magazine” awards prizes to Members of the European Parliament who, in the view of EU-Stakeholders and the other MEPs performed outstanding work in their respective area. There are 19 categories, and in recent years the category “trade” has been added. Rightly so. Since the Lisbon Treaty the European Parliament plays a crucial role in the EU’s Trade policies, an area that is in the core of EU-power. Together with my colleagues from the European Peoples Party, Christopher Fjellner and Pablo Zalba Bidegain, I had the honour to be shortlisted for the award “MEP of the year 2012” in the category of trade.

The award went to Pablo, the right choice. Congratulations! He was the EUropean Parliament’s Rapporteur on the EU’s first ground breaking free trade agreement last year with South Korea, which will, in many ways, be seen as a role model for future trade negotiations. Most sectors of the EU economy have reported significant growth impulses and trade benefits. This is not only due to lower tariffs but also thanks to a significant reduction of non tariff trade barriers and better regulatory cooperation.

A photo stream of the event can be found here.